Project Description

‘MIB Browser’ is a tool which provides SNMP monitoring information in your iPhone/iPod/iPad, so you can browse SNMP information with it.

Main features of MIBBrowser are:

– Provides SNMPWalk, SNMPGet
– Supports SNMPv1/v2/v3 (Supports noAuthnoPriv/authNoPriv/authPriv, MD5/SHA, AES/DES for v3)
– SNMP server profiles (Group and configurable display name/description)
– Fetch history for each server (You can browse past fetch results.)
– Real-time graph (Counter and Gauge type)
– Scan And Add: Scan Wi-Fi local network so to add server easily
– Support row-sorted view in case of Table type
– MIB management for module loading
– User custom (private) MIB files (Download via HTTP, Supports Zip archived file for multiple MIB files)
– Result filtering by keyword
– Export result as Text and CSV via mail
– Launching app with “snmp://” URL scheme (RFC 4088)
– Bookmark for variable